General information


Client rights 

  • As a client of CPA, you are entitled to a service free from exploitation.
  • We acknowledge the need for safe practice relating to your ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender and cultural beliefs.
  • You may be assured that therapists will have no sexual contact with you of any kind.
  • As ethical practitioners, we do not form friendships with clients.  If your therapist should meet you in a social setting, you will be acknowledged only if you make initial contact.
  • All contact with you will be treated as confidential, with the following exceptions:
  • Some of the work done by you and your therapist may be discussed anonymously with the therapist's supervisor to ensure that you are getting the best possible service.
  • If you have been referred by your doctor, then with your permission, the doctor may be kept informed of the progress of your therapy.
  • For clients subsidised by ACC, your case manager requires an initial report and, in the case of longer term work, may require subsequent reports on progress. Your therapist will talk to you about ACC's other reporting requirements.
  • Otherwise, confidentiality will only be broken on the order of a court or if your therapist believes you or someone else is at risk of serious harm.
  • We support one another to achieve our individual and personal goals – whatever they may be.

Client responsibilities

As a client of CPA you are asked to:

  • Keep your therapist informed of any medical treatment you are receiving
  • Give feedback to your therapist on what you are finding helpful or unhelpful during sessions
  • Phone your therapist only in cases of urgency, if you have a need to change an appointment or if you have an agreement with your therapist regarding phone contact
  • Advise if you are using alcohol excessively, or any other prescribed or non-prescribed drugs.
  • Inform your therapist if you believe your condition is such that you or any other person may be at risk of harm
  • Pay the agreed fee at the end of each session

Cancellation policy

In fairness to people on our waiting lists, we want to ensure that all available sessions are used.  If you need to cancel please give us at least 48 hours notice.

  • Appointments cancelled at least 24 hours in advance (Monday to Friday) will not be charged.
  • Otherwise our full (unsubsidised) fee will be charged for missed appointments.

Note: Geraldine has a different cancellation policy (a full workings days notice of cancellation of a session).  Details are included on her bio page - click here

Who decides the agenda?

You and your therapist will focus on what you seek to achieve through counselling or therapy and will formulate goals together.

Frequency of sessions

We generally meet with clients once each week for a fifty minute session. By agreement, this may be altered and sessions held more or less frequently.


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